Bikini Girl with Violin - Celina Jaitley is Bollywood's sexiest actress

celina hot maxim photoshoot

Celina Jaitley
has been recently voted as the "sexiest siren of the year" in a poll conducted by a well known media house to find out who is the sexiest actress in Bollywood. She also features on the cover of Maxim's August issue. There are so many sexy heroines but even my personal favorite is Celina.

And it's not only about her beauty,she also has not done that bad at films either. No Entry, Apna Sapna Money Money, Tom Dick And Harry and a few more lined up... they make her a good proposition at the box office.Now her Maxim pics...

celina in maxim photoshoot

sexy celina in bikini

celina exposing

Hot celina

celina in sexy bikini

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