Bollywood Actress Asin Pics

Asin who had the success mark in the southern film industry make her entry to the bollywood acting against Amir khan for the remake of the film Gajini which is a super hit in both tamil and telugu. In both the versions the film was starred by actor Surya and directed by the director Murugadas, which gave them a huge success. Asin is eager about the output of the film in bolly wood. She has the success story both in tolly and kolly wood in telugu ,she had done the films like Amma nanna o tamil ammai,Shivamani, Garshana and Gajini.In tamil she worked in the film like “Kadhal kodan 7/g rainbow colony” which gave her the success mark. Selvaraghavan offered her the second bollywood chance in the remake of the “Kadhal kodan 7/g rainbow colony” which she already signed the film with out knowing the actor opposite to her in the film.

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