Deepika Padukone in Delhi with Saif Ali Khan to Promote Movie LOVE AAJ KAL

Deepika padukone in Delhi with saif ali khan to promote their upcoming film LOVE AAJ KAL.This is in fact their first movie together.The film is directed by Imtiaz Ali.This is his second film after 'JAB WE MET '."People are bound to compare LOVE AAJ KAL with JAB WE MET, but that's something I'm not worried about. Neither am I nervous. And nor am I getting any sleepless nights. I guess, it's an emotional defect," he said.

LOVE AAJ KAL marks the debut of Saif Ali Khan as a producer .He's co-producing the film with Dinesh Vijan. When Saif first told me he was keen to produce the film, I was surprised. I asked him the reasons for turning producer and I was convinced when he spelt them out. He wants to make movies that he believes in and our thoughts matched completely," Imtiaz said, "But Saif also clarified that he'd concentrate on acting only, while Dinesh would look after the day-to-day production."
Well we can only wish all the best to all of them.

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