Kambakkht Ishq Moview Review

Kambakht IshQ was a film i had huge expectations.But it dissapointed me to the core.The film lacks it all,A few scenes are there which are far and few.Now let us see what top reviewers have to say.Seems to me like Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama(IndiaFM) who are the only ones to give good reviews on the movie.Maybe he was payed for that review.The film surely will get a Rocking opening because of the Promos.But believe me that all wont even last for a week.It is so damn boring at times that you will abuse yourself as the film flows on.

Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar form a pair that has given several hits before. If Kambakkht Ishq does well, the producer can well thank the cast and the recent strike that has left the audience desperate for a star-studded film. You remember the tagline this film so proudly displays - `that women are good for only two things’? Well, this film is good for only one – the trash bin.

Verdict: Half a star

On the whole, KAMBAKKHT ISHQ will strike a chord with the youth and those who relish zany and madcap entertainers. The first half is tremendous, while the second half takes a dip, with the film picking up towards the climax. At the box-office, the film will see an earth-shattering opening weekend and a historic Week 1. It remains to be seen how this film fares in its second weekend/week, given the massive number of screens it has opened globally [2,000 +]. However, the timing is most appropriate [the viewer is thirsting for a biggie] and the hype is tremendous, which should prove very advantageous for the film.

3.5 stars

Watching Kambakkht Ishq , you know you can't apply logic to a film like this. There are dozens of questions that have no answers - Who allowed her to keep her watch on while performing surgery? What kind of battery does this watch run on for it to break into music every hour inside a man's stomach? What kind of stuntman can afford a luxurious condo overlooking the sea? Where in the world can you expect to find Sylvester Stallone lurking in alleys waiting to come to the rescue of hapless girls?

We would like to stick with Rajeev Masand's review.Seriously the film doesnt make sense at all and artificial sentimental scenes.The Climax scene which already came in a 1000 other Indian movies.And for the cameos.I dont understand how Sylvester stallone agreed to do this movie.Maybe he was curious about how stupid a bollywood film and must have wanted to check it out.

Our Advice.This is the worst from Akshay..yeah even worser than Chandni Chowk.Watch this at your Risk

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